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Read. Read. Read. Retire. (3 Books to Read Before Retiring)

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Read these 3 books before retiring
Read these 3 Books before retiring

Strategize Your Retirement. NRIs wanting to retire in India or in their country of citizenship should always conduct their due diligence on finances - taking inventory of your assets and expenses. Assets include properties, vehicles, antiques, jewelry and any other valuable possessions. The majority of senior citizen expenses may be related to your upcoming health needs. Allocate funds for that, also.

It's also a good idea to reflect on your life's journey and check what is left to do on your 'To Do' list. Did you want to write a book? Did you want to bungee jumping? The time to do is in your second adulthood. Don't waste precious time sitting around watching TV or leading a sedentary lifestyle. Get out of your comfort zone. Make new friends and expand your comfort zone.

We have compiled a few books worth ordering and reading which will help you in this phase of your life. Retirement can be a smooth transition if you are prepared and ready. If you plan to retire in India, you may have to make some educated decisions about your health benefits, lifestyle changes and more...

Retire in India without stressing about your finances. The Ultimate Retirement Guide by Suze Orman (the author of ten consecutive New York Times bestsellers, America's #1 personal finance expert) is a great place to begin putting down your thoughts and ideas about this upcoming stage in your life. It's concise, easy to understand and it will help you make wise retirement choices about your finances. Control your financial retirement future by planning for the next act.

"The ultimate retirement as far as I am concerned is one in which you are not stressed about money."

Socialize and Retire in India. Retirement is not just about sitting in a rocking chair or babysitting your grandkids! Your second adulthood should be a joyful experience, full of adventure, giving back and an active social life. 'How to Retire Happy, Wild and Free' is a popular book by Ernie J. Zelinski and it discusses interesting leisure activities, creative pursuits, physical well-being, mental well-being, and solid social support. You don't need a lot of money, especially if you decide to retire in India but you do need to determine your unique interests and how you're going to pursue them. Reading a book like this forces you to think of your aspirations, dreams and bucket list to come up with a plan for your retirement journey.

"Retirement is the perfect time to become the person you would like to be and do the things you have always wanted to do."

Healthy Choices Before Moving to India. Another very important factor to consider when you retire is your healthcare. Most NRIs have Medicare to cover their medical bills but even with Medicare, some medical situations are very costly. Some NRIs find it's cheaper to travel back and forth to India and have their healthcare needs addressed by a competent doctor in India. Before you decide next steps regarding your health, take the time to review this book, 10 Costly Medicare Mistakes by Danielle Kunkle Roberts. This book provides you strategies to avoid making costly errors. Medicare is not easy to navigate and mistakes can impact your future coverage. Before retiring to India, do understand the ramifications to your Medicare coverage...this book is easy to read and could save you money.

"There are many benefits of using Telehealth and Medicare in tandem."

Retiring in India whether full time or part time has many benefits as long as you make your decision strategically and with open eyes. You don't want to end up being one of those NRIs who uproots themselves and their family, goes to India and ends up returning within a year or two. Educate yourself and understand your options to make the best next steps so that you have a successful second adulthood.

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