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Volunteer..'Be the Change....'

It only takes ONE person to help change the world (think of Mahatma Gandhi, Savitribai Phule, ....) .   Use your skills to do good anywhere, anytime. 

Start here.  How will history remember you? 

Below are a list of websites where you can enter your zip code and find opportunities near your home.  Take some friends and volunteer together.

If you aren't able to help physically, you can choose online opportunities.   Use your skills to help others.

Helping others helps YOU.

Volunteering can fill a void in your life by giving you a reason to get up in the morning and a sense of fulfillment in contributing to a cause.  It will give you a chance to remain socially connected and it will keep you mentally sharp.



Shilpa and Amit Singhal quit their US jobs to start Sitare Foundation, which helps children from low-income households access quality education in private schools, and find opportunities to study abroad.

Volunteer Organizations:

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